7 ways to get your dishes

Welcome to grad school. After you graduate from graduation, you change your mind every day about what you want to do with your life

Days after obtaining a degree or degree of difficulty. You have been relieved that your andwoodwind is finally over, and you feel that you've earned it: three months of sleep, 24 hours, watching all the TV sets that you missed, the box

Then all at once, there is a growing sense of responsibility

Yup, the days of the good

Life outside of school is a strange place where people correspond to their socks, eat food at the right time and actually have healthy survival mechanisms, such as work or deep breaths

Not constant stress in studies can be very liberal. But then, when that's all you've been taught, life after books can make you feel like you're back in high school (unless you were good at the gym ... then you suck)

If you're just like me, and you don't have any plans for a few days after the fence, there's no fear! I can't be magic eight with all the answers, and, hell, I'm not as good as your useless academic advisor. I'm only here to write a relational post that will make us feel less lost. It looks like "Buzzfeed" and their "doll design," and we give you the queen to get married

With all this in mind, I'm presenting you a list of things to do while you're trying to figure out what to do with your life

You promised yourself that you had read the "Great Gatsby" so that you would not feel the shame of your Alma-mother. You got 30 pages, but you realized the new season in Brooklyn was 99

Books are like Netflix in your head

You're trying, you're trying. I know, I know. It's a dog sled world, and if you combed it

But you can say you don't want to get into your career. Maybe you're just looking for extra money, or you want to make a lot of money to save in the next step. First of all, KEEP TRYING. Second, think about who you know. We weren't embarrassed to use your connections. Use them in hell. You know, at the university or college, they were saying that they should talk about more. You know ... NETWORKING? Do it. Talk to your friend's uncle if he owns a restaurant, unless you're inclined to remove the plates, and then maybe not

This guy. A girl. So you thought it was gonna be okay. The Mgle you thought would be three percent higher. It's all in the past! Sometimes we all need tough love when we fall. What will happen. But what you're doing is what determines what happens next. Did this man make you feel like shit about yourself? Let them go. You didn' t get into the high school when you first tried? Is this still your dream? Okay, try again. You're probably not the first person to walk through what you're going through, and you won't be the last. Human beings have a brilliant quality: resilient. This can be done; life can be done!

You don't have any more excuses to keep out of this

  • "Um, I have to learn ..."
  • "I don't have any clean clothes ..."
  • "Chug, I didn' t wash my hair for a week ..."
  • It's easy to hit your house when there's nothing on your list of cases. No plans, no pants, no problem? THAT'S NOT RIGHT. A few days later (or even a week) after graduation, that's normal. But if you're going to get to the fright, you have already booked and left in bed all day to become the problem of MAJOR. An easy first step to the slump solution? Get out of here! First of all, first of all, put yourself out of the blanket where you cut yourself out! Go for a walk, a bike, or even a walk. Use as time to listen to new music or clear this chaotic head. Enjoy the sun and the fresh air-it will make you feel better

    Get him? Because now is the time to be a big baby. Unfortunately, you're growing up and the time has come to take this fact in small doses. I'm not saying you need to go to the pack, stop having fun and start processing cashiers, which will make you wait 30 extra seconds, like garbage. But nobody likes those who don't have at least one of their own users. Still don't get it? Start taking responsibility for your actions. The consequences are worse than bad hangovers and drunken texts. I'll admit it when you make a mistake, but wait until you're right. Having found out that you're a graduate, you're like a ... smart-man! Do not underestimate yourself and your abilities, or others will do it automatically

    The Spring Cleaning is a public construct, which means it is never too late to clean up your cabinet! You probably have a lot of things you haven't touched in months, or even years. Get rid of him! You can donate ~ vintage ~ clothing to a local store or sell it to another store

    If I like your mental and physical well-being, to reach your level/degree that has not completely broken the rails, but in any case, it has fallen, now is the time. Use time to understand how you can improve your welfare. Maybe it's a medicine, a shrink, a group counselling, or a partial self-help book. If you don't know where to start, you can talk to your family doctor

    Reaching support is scary, especially since we have to be the adults

    But even adults need help-and that's okay. Think about it like this: in a few years, do you really want to fight the same thing as now? There is no shame in prioritizing recovery. It's so important in your own body and mind. Don't let anything stand in the way of your greatness

    * Views expressed in respect of the author, and not necessarily for the "Student life" or their partners

    Gabriella is a former competitor and current student at Western University. The study of kinestheology and creative writing, of course, its hobbies include lifting weights and peas e.e Cummings points (at the same time)