Iran Fax Wed, 27 Feb 2013 06:48:23 +0000 en-US hourly 1 What’s Your Car’s worth? Wed, 27 Feb 2013 06:48:23 +0000 admin If you’re thinking of getting a brand new car, you must’ve thought about what you’re going to do with your old one. Most people will often trade cars for cash to add more funds to the car that they want to buy or for something else. It’s always nice to have some extra cash anyway. However, some people would want to sell their own car themselves instead. While consulting some dealerships about the process of trading cars on their end, it’s wise to get a ballpark value for your car yourself so you would know the true value of your car in the market. There are three values in trading cars: trade-in, private party, and retail. Check the trade-in and private party venues for a good estimate. It will help you walk through determining your car’s condition. Next, check the local classifieds to see how close the asking prices of cars that are similar to yours are to actual book values.

What’s Your Car’s worth?

In most cases, dealerships will offer you less than your car is worth. Don’t take it personally, it’s just business. They need to spend some money in restoring and repairing your car so they can still sell it in the market and gain some profit. If you are trading in an old car with high-mileage, expect the offer to be very low.

What’s Your Car’s worth?

Selling your car on your own, on the other hand, is the best way to get the most money for it. But of course, you have to get the current retail value of your car. You need to include all the options and the actual mileage. Once you’ve determined the actual value of your car, you can post it via online classified ads or through the local newspapers. Make sure you have all the paper work done on hand for easier transaction.


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Aaron Gold has been an automotive journalist for over a decade and has been writing guides and reviews for different automotive websites.


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Understanding the Tools in Your Fireplace Tue, 26 Feb 2013 07:16:33 +0000 admin Understanding the Tools in Your FireplaceHomeowners love the presence of a fireplace because it not only gives warmth to the home, but also makes it cozy and provides an area where family and friends can get together during special occasions and holidays.  Traditional fireplaces require some work not only to use, but to maintain as well.  This will ensure that it remains functional for a long time and the cost of building it becomes well worth the experience.

In order to properly maintain your fireplace, you need to be familiar and understand the different tools that can be used.  One of the most common fireplace tools that you will come across would be the pokers.  These are the oldest types of tools and come in varying designs like twisted rope, closed weave, and single pokers among others.  The end can be sharp or hooked.  Sharp-ended pokers push logs and move them around, while the hooked pokers allow you to pull the logs.  This tool help prevent burn accidents around the fireplace.

The tongs are also useful tools to have around the fireplace.  The design can either be clawed or scissor types.  Clawed tongs make use of three finger-like prongs to allow you to grab the logs.  The scissor tongs has two handles that are connected by a shaft in the center and only has two prongs.  Both designs are popularly used in the United States with the clawed tongs being included mostly with the wrought iron set variety of tools.

Understanding the Tools in Your FireplaceWhen it comes to tools for the fireplace, the shovels and brooms are considered some of the most important.  This pair of tools works together like the scrubber and brush used to clean your toilet and bathroom.  Normally, there are the Corn brooms and the Tampico brooms to choose from.  The main difference is that Corn brooms are not resistant to heat, which means that they cannot be used when a fire is burning.  Because of this, Tampico brushes are preferred and more commonly used.

This tool is effective in removing ashes from the fireplace.  The good news is that even if they can be easily worn out due to frequent use, they are easily replaceable once they are tattered.  Clearing the ashes once the fire burns out is a very important maintenance practice to preserve the quality of your fireplace.

The last type of tool to be familiar with is the bellows.  The main use of this accordion-like tool is to boost the combustion of fire through the circulation of air in the fireplace.  As air is forced from the bladder, the flames are fanned and allowed to burn better.  Bellows can be made from wood, leather, or vinyl.  For those who have children in the house, remember that these are all tools and therefore should not be used as toys by any child.

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Hank Schemerick is a construction worker who has experience in lighting solutions and installations.

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The Benefits of Exercising Outdoors Fri, 28 Dec 2012 14:19:00 +0000 admin Outdoor ExerciseA lot of us are going to the gym to take fitness classes, or buying fitness equipment such as treadmill, elliptical machines, indoor cycling and the likes, that sometimes reduced our motivation to workout. One way to get that motivation is to start working outdoors. Many people are now engaging in outdoor runs, garden yoga, or relays as a change of scenery and activity options. It is quite exciting to try something new, and keeps you motivated.Now, working outdoors not only would get you fit and healthy but there are a lot of benefits that you get from it. You get to meet people who enjoy the same activities. This promotes social connection and improves exercise adherence. Being outdoors also helps reset circadian rhythms and balances hormones. Fresh air and other outdoor elements are proven to have positive effects on both our physical and mental being.

If you are into weights and concerned about getting those muscles done outside, there are some improvisation on how to earn that muscles without using weights benches. Click here for more info if you want to know how.

One benefit of working out outdoors is you can bring your pets with you. You can take them while walking or running and at the same time it improves your relationship with your pets. You and your pet also get to socialize with other pet owners who are also into exercising outdoors.

Now, whether you are working out in a parking lot, or a local park, you can design your own obstacle course by using cones, balls, hurdles, benches and anything that you can find to use.

Outdoor Exercise

Additional activities that may also work outside are teaching Pilates or Yoga at a local park or beach, using local community basketball courts, tennis courts, or soccer fields for working out or organizing sports-related activity, and running stairs at a local arena.


Our guest author for today is Eric Clarkson, a fitness instructor in a local community and also owns his own henna and tattoo parlor. Click here for more info.

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Jobs that Requires a License or Certification Before Practicing Wed, 26 Dec 2012 15:12:29 +0000 admin There are a lot of jobs out there that once you graduated, or hired you can start immediately in training or with actual work. However there are some jobs that require a license before practicing their chosen field. Why? These fields are very complicated and needs credentials before practice therefore requires a license. It’s a pass that means they are capable to do what the job requires. Here are some examples of careers or profession that needs a license/certification before practicing.



Paralegals are the basically the support of qualified lawyers in their cases. They are not authorized though to offer legal services however in Ontario, Canada, paralegals are licensed the same way that the lawyers are.


The difference between lawyers and paralegal in the U.S is that paralegal training tends to be niche wherein a lawyer has much broader and more formal training. The main responsibility of a paralegal is to carry out tasks form consideration, analysis, and strategy. An average paralegal salary in the U.S is $46,000 annually.


Registered Dietitian

A registered dietitian coordinates plans and conducts programs that educate about healthy lifestyle and nutrition. They are in charge of what we eat and how we eat. Since they are dealing with health and nutrition, they need to be trained and obtain a certification, or be registered as they will be dealing on food and health of their patients. The median expected registered dietitian salary is $58,000 per annual.


Civil Engineer

Civil engineer profession is very delicate and complicated, as what my professor would say. Why? They are in charge of building the roads, bridges, airports, buildings, any structure, as a matter of fact.

Civil Engineer

That’s why they need a license before planning the road or building a structure because they can’t afford to have a mistake. A single miscalculation could end up in destruction and would cost money, or worst lives. An average civil engineer salary is around $81,000 though per annual. It could be higher based on experience and contacts.

These professions need a lot of studies and excellent credentials as they would be dealing with structures, health, and law. There are a few more professions that need a license before practicing aside from the ones listed like nurses, mechanics and network administrators. You can read more about it just click here for more.


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Breaking Myths Wed, 26 Dec 2012 15:06:42 +0000 admin Even in this modern age, we still tend to believe in myths and rituals in doing things. We tend to believe what others are saying even if it’s just hearsay or a gossip-turned-legend that often result in invalid arguments. Here are some myths that have been going on for years:

End of the World

It seems that every century or matching dates on the calendar, people thinks that it’s the end of the world. When the year 2000 came in, a lot of people panicked and bought a lot of supplies, built underground shelters, and even spent the day in the church praying for salvation yet it is now 2012 and nothing happened.


This year, it seems that history will repeat itself with the Mayan calendar predicted that it will be the end of the world by 12/21/12. Some say that there will be a solar flare where it will burn the half of the earth. According to the solar power facts guide, there is a possibility for a solar flare but there are planets that are going to go first before the earth. And the fact that solar flares has been going on for centuries but hasn’t reached the earth yet. Let’s just wait and see.



People who have some eyesight problems would probably testify if this myth is true or not. Sleeping with contacts on can cause blindness. This is in fact, true. Contact lens requires special solution so that it won’t dry on the eyes that can also cause irritation. Cheap colored contacts needs special treatment as they are usually for one time wear only and is not recommended for daily use. Consult your doctor for care.


Nuclear Power

Nuclear is a powerful energy source that no country admits if they have one or building one. Nuclear energy can wipe out an entire country with just one blow just like what happened on Hiroshima, Japan during the World War II. And as seen on the movie The Hills have Eyes, the effect of nuclear on humans can cause defects on the human body and are also deadly.

nuclear power

In important nuclear energy fact is that in spite of the negativity, nuclear energy is a good source of supply of power. As dangerous and deadly as it sounds, we benefit from the nuclear energy in our daily lives.


Kevin Broudine is a writer in a newspaper for his local community. He often writes about trivia’s and facts that keep his local folks entertained. He is also an owner of an animal shelter that specializes in raccoon care. Click here for more info.

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HDR Photography Thu, 06 Dec 2012 04:07:58 +0000 admin Photographs and images are all about light – the amount of light and the intensity of the light. With too much light or too little light, you will end up with photos that are either too dark or too bright, or even washed out. Light is used to produce images expressed as luminance.  It is defined as the state or quality of reflecting light and the intensity of light emitted from a surface per unit area in a given direction. Dynamic ranges, therefore, are the spectrum from dark to light in scenes that you would want to photograph. Dynamic range is the measured ratio between high and low extremes in a set of values.

HDR Photography


HDR Photography is high involvement in the sense that you need to know how to use image-editing software to create an outstanding image. You will need to use the merged luminance in your photo and further enhance it. This means that you need to develop the eye for good and bad use of contrast and color.

If you want to put an HDR on a paper or on display, you must convert the wide-intensity range in the image to the lower range supported by the display. One old-mapping method is the manual dodge and burn technique familiar to photographers.  This technique is where you manually select different tonal ranges for different regions of image using a dodging or burning tool. Another solution is to use an automated tone mapping filter to reduce the dynamic range of an HDR image.

HDR Photography

Overall, HDR photography can be very exciting because of the prospect of creating a scene that will look very different because of the play of the light or the merging of luminance values in the scene. The best part is, even beginners with a point and shoot camera can do it effortlessly. So the next time you shoot a scene, try to get several exposures of the same shot and do your very own HDR impression.

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