Iran Fax » Home Tools Wed, 27 Feb 2013 06:48:23 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Understanding the Tools in Your Fireplace Tue, 26 Feb 2013 07:16:33 +0000 admin Understanding the Tools in Your FireplaceHomeowners love the presence of a fireplace because it not only gives warmth to the home, but also makes it cozy and provides an area where family and friends can get together during special occasions and holidays.  Traditional fireplaces require some work not only to use, but to maintain as well.  This will ensure that it remains functional for a long time and the cost of building it becomes well worth the experience.

In order to properly maintain your fireplace, you need to be familiar and understand the different tools that can be used.  One of the most common fireplace tools that you will come across would be the pokers.  These are the oldest types of tools and come in varying designs like twisted rope, closed weave, and single pokers among others.  The end can be sharp or hooked.  Sharp-ended pokers push logs and move them around, while the hooked pokers allow you to pull the logs.  This tool help prevent burn accidents around the fireplace.

The tongs are also useful tools to have around the fireplace.  The design can either be clawed or scissor types.  Clawed tongs make use of three finger-like prongs to allow you to grab the logs.  The scissor tongs has two handles that are connected by a shaft in the center and only has two prongs.  Both designs are popularly used in the United States with the clawed tongs being included mostly with the wrought iron set variety of tools.

Understanding the Tools in Your FireplaceWhen it comes to tools for the fireplace, the shovels and brooms are considered some of the most important.  This pair of tools works together like the scrubber and brush used to clean your toilet and bathroom.  Normally, there are the Corn brooms and the Tampico brooms to choose from.  The main difference is that Corn brooms are not resistant to heat, which means that they cannot be used when a fire is burning.  Because of this, Tampico brushes are preferred and more commonly used.

This tool is effective in removing ashes from the fireplace.  The good news is that even if they can be easily worn out due to frequent use, they are easily replaceable once they are tattered.  Clearing the ashes once the fire burns out is a very important maintenance practice to preserve the quality of your fireplace.

The last type of tool to be familiar with is the bellows.  The main use of this accordion-like tool is to boost the combustion of fire through the circulation of air in the fireplace.  As air is forced from the bladder, the flames are fanned and allowed to burn better.  Bellows can be made from wood, leather, or vinyl.  For those who have children in the house, remember that these are all tools and therefore should not be used as toys by any child.

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