Breaking Myths

Even in this modern age, we still tend to believe in myths and rituals in doing things. We tend to believe what others are saying even if it’s just hearsay or a gossip-turned-legend that often result in invalid arguments. Here are some myths that have been going on for years:

End of the World

It seems that every century or matching dates on the calendar, people thinks that it’s the end of the world. When the year 2000 came in, a lot of people panicked and bought a lot of supplies, built underground shelters, and even spent the day in the church praying for salvation yet it is now 2012 and nothing happened.


This year, it seems that history will repeat itself with the Mayan calendar predicted that it will be the end of the world by 12/21/12. Some say that there will be a solar flare where it will burn the half of the earth. According to the solar power facts guide, there is a possibility for a solar flare but there are planets that are going to go first before the earth. And the fact that solar flares has been going on for centuries but hasn’t reached the earth yet. Let’s just wait and see.



People who have some eyesight problems would probably testify if this myth is true or not. Sleeping with contacts on can cause blindness. This is in fact, true. Contact lens requires special solution so that it won’t dry on the eyes that can also cause irritation. Cheap colored contacts needs special treatment as they are usually for one time wear only and is not recommended for daily use. Consult your doctor for care.


Nuclear Power

Nuclear is a powerful energy source that no country admits if they have one or building one. Nuclear energy can wipe out an entire country with just one blow just like what happened on Hiroshima, Japan during the World War II. And as seen on the movie The Hills have Eyes, the effect of nuclear on humans can cause defects on the human body and are also deadly.

nuclear power

In important nuclear energy fact is that in spite of the negativity, nuclear energy is a good source of supply of power. As dangerous and deadly as it sounds, we benefit from the nuclear energy in our daily lives.


Kevin Broudine is a writer in a newspaper for his local community. He often writes about trivia’s and facts that keep his local folks entertained. He is also an owner of an animal shelter that specializes in raccoon care. Click here for more info.

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